Moodboards by Aurora

| Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | |
We've started the second round of interviews for these two positions which is not an easy task because the first 10 candidates we selected were all great people with a nice personality/work ethic and good experience. To help me to narrow down to the best two, the four candidates selected for the second round, have been asked to put together a marketing proposal and to write a press release on House Doctor's new collection. Initially, I wanted to ask them to put together a moodboard because I felt, it was the easiest way for them to express how they perceive our brand (plus it was a fun exercise) and for me to see how creative they were. However Steve felt that although I do moodboards on a weekly basis, it may be too complicated for them (guess who is the creative type in our family :-) imagine how happy I was when Aurora presented me this morning these two beautiful, inspiring and summery moodboards....
What do you think?

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